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LA Fashion District Resource: California Market Center

While we understand that our buyers do come from all over, we also know that many of them are local here to the LA Fashion District and surrounding Southern California area. Or, at the very least, they are visiting for market week throughout the year. If this applies to you, we want to give you the scoop on a great LA Fashion District resource: the California Market Center (CMC) on 9th and Main. Learn more about what this building is, and all that it has to offer.

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Boutique Clothing Wholesale: Best Buys in Fall Fashion

As you may have noticed, we have been uploading vast amounts of new arrivals of boutique clothing wholesale to our website. Do you ever feel like there is so much great fashion out there, yet so little time? We sometimes do! That is why today, we are breaking down some of the best buys in our fall fashion new arrivals for the key categories of knitwear, dresses and tops. These are just a few favorite looks of the many that are guaranteed to do well throughout the upcoming season.

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Fall 2015 Wholesale Apparel: Olive Green

Fall 2015 is definitely in full swing here in the wholesale apparel selection at T.D.C. All of our New Arrivals are no longer reflecting a summery disposition. Rather than tank tops and cutoff shorts, blazers and sweaters are making more of an appearance. Textiles have shifted, with heavier, weightier fabrics being more of an emphasis. The items offered make great back to school options for your store. Anything you could desire for fall can be found here.

If you are looking for more specific trend direction for Fall 2015 wholesale apparel, join us today as we take a look at one of the current most popular colors: olive green. If you browse through our selection right now, this may be the top color that sticks out as a key theme for fall. Take a look at just a few of these many options below to see what we mean.
wholesale-apparelOlive green represents a different side of T.D.C. that you may not be used to seeing. Our wholesale apparel is often edgy and urban. Harsh reds and shocking oranges find their way often into our selection, and neon is no stranger. For fall, we offer a new, softer side in our wholesale apparel with olive green. Olive brings with it a more calm, peaceful and natural appeal. After all, olive branches are recognized globally as a symbol of peace. It is a diplomatic and approachable shade, enveloping the body it clothes in a sense of self-love and nurture. As a new season begins, greens are colors associated with health. Olive green helps embody a healthy new start to fall.

To shop this color, simply type “Olive” into the T.D.C. search bar. As you will note, over 200 different styles of wholesale apparel are the result, with more guaranteed to arrive in the coming weeks. Be sure to check back often on the progression of this great fall color trend in our selection.


Trend Alert: Camouflage Print Clothing

This summer, the United States Army uniform was redesigned. The most obvious update was the print. This print took four years of research under the name Camouflage Improvement Effect. It was generally a huge study on camo prints. While in theory this study should mostly apply to the Army, it is actually generating attention and press from those outside of the military. This is because what is happening in military uniforms has a direct impact on what happens at fashion week, and then consequently mass fashion. Today, we are feeling the effects of this when we look at the strong presence of camouflage print clothing at T.D.C.

Perhaps it was the redesigned military uniforms that inspired the camouflage print clothing seen on recent runways. Burberry showed suede camouflage bags and boots in the autumn/winter 2015 collection, which is coming to stores now. Men’s collections for spring / summer 2016 also included the print, indicating that camouflage print clothing will be having its moment in the spotlight for a while.

We are seeing the jump from runway to ready-to-wear and mass market fashion with the camouflage print clothing offered at T.D.C. In updated fall silhouettes, we have sweaters, leggings, jackets and tops all featuring different variations of this well-known look. Given its military background, camo gives off a strong, confident vibe. Your customers will be self assured as they go back to school with camouflage print clothing from T.D.C.


To find these items and many more on our website, simply type “camo” into the search bar. Along with the featured styles above, you will discover dresses, shorts, and skinny jeans, graphic hoodies and more. Find the silhouettes that work best for your target market, and take action before this hot print is all gone!


What To Wear On The First Day Of School

For students headed back to school, the months of August and September can bring the anxiety-ridden pondering of what to wear on the first day of school. Making a first impression is crucial, whether the student is starting at a brand new school or simply just a new grade at the same school. Online research will be conducted. Pinterest inspiration boards will be created. Customers will arrive at stores knowing exactly what they want in terms of what to wear on the first day of school. T.D.C. can help provide this. Today, we have some tips for creating the perfect back-to-school selection for your store.

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Buyer Favorite: Wholesale Boyfriend Jeans

As you likely know by now, one of the primary categories that T.D.C. is known for is denim and jeans. Not only do we offer a wide variety of pants made from denim, but skirts, dresses and tops are also well represented. Denim fits in with the youthful, slightly alternative and slightly urban vibe that we strive for with our merchandise.

With our hundreds of weekly New Arrivals that are added to our already comprehensive database of styles, it can be hard to filter through all of the items to discern what trends are strongest, and which items will be best for your store. Luckily, the T.D.C. team has that answer for you. Data from summer sales proves that when it comes to our denim, a big buyer favorite currently is wholesale boyfriend jeans.

Wholesale boyfriend jeans are easy to find on T.D.C. because they have their own subcategory in our jeans department. This is not an exhaustive collection, however. Many more styles of loose fit, distressed denim similar to wholesale boyfriend jeans can also be found in our regular jeans and plus jeans collections. All in all, basically anywhere you turn within our denim selection, you will be met with options for wholesale boyfriend jeans. They are not hard to discover.

Consumer bias results in a preference for distressed denim. From simple rips to large holes and even patchwork appliques, our wholesale boyfriend jeans cater to a wide variety. Some styles are more loose than others. The color spectrum consists of black, white, grey and just about every wash of blue you could imagine. There are even a couple of styles that are currently on sale. All in all, we ensure that no matter what you are envisioning, your desires for boyfriend jeans to sell at your store can be attained when you shop with T.D.C.


Tips for Small Retail Businesses

There are many tips for small retail businesses that are necessary for business owners to be aware of in order to make sure operations run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. From budgeting to planning to payroll, the considerations are endless. However, just as important as simply running the business are the tips for small retail businesses to help them take their store above and beyond the competition. One way to go above and beyond is to learn all the modern marketing tools, such as social media. If you happen to be here in the Los Angeles area, you should know that there is an upcoming event to help present tips for small retail businesses in terms of growing your business via Facebook. Continue Reading

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WWD Magic August 2015 Details

As a retail buyer, you no doubt are aware of the trade show cycle. When it comes to the shows occurring throughout this year, the biggest and in many ways best is WWD Magic August 2015. Today we bring you all the details about this mega show to assist your fall retail buying.

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